Using Infinite Scroll for Better Browsing

Business Identity supports Infinite Scroll, which means that when visitors go to your updates page, they’ll be able to see your latests posts simply by scrolling or clicking without needing to navigate away from your page, depending on how you’ve configured your website.

You can configure Infinite Scroll on your Settings → Reading page.



Keep in mind that when footer widgets are present on your website, the “click” version of Infinite Scroll will always be active, meaning that users will need to click on the Older posts button to see more posts.

Infinite Scroll Handle

When you click the Older posts button, a spinning loader will briefly be shown while new posts are being loaded into the page.

Infinite Scroll Loader

If you do not turn Infinite Scroll on, then the normal Older posts and Newer posts links will be shown on your updates page.

Infinite Scroll Not Turned On