Using Comments with Business Identity

Both comments and pingbacks/trackbacks are supported by the Business Identity WordPress theme.

What follows are a few quick notes about how comments are handled in the theme, as well as several examples of what they look like in action using Business Identity’s built-in comment styling.

Comment Notes:

  • The theme has been designed to support up to to 10 levels of comments.
  • Post authors who leave a comment are given a special star next to their names so that visitors and other commenters are able to easily spot their comments.
  • Media embeds are allowed in the comment area, but will require a commenter to write the code for the embed. There are a number of allowed tags available for use in WordPress comments.

9 thoughts on “Using Comments with Business Identity

  1. Gus, thank you for this fine update on the goings on of your business. It’s clear that you all are on the right track, and I’m thrilled to be a part of it.

    (This is a sample comment, which includes a link to the comment author’s website.)

    1. Thanks for your kind words, Jesse. We’ll continue to keep you and everyone else updated on our progress towards the goals set forth earlier this year. Your continued support is very valuable to us.

      (Note that when the author of a post has written a reply to a blog comment, a star appears next to his name.

    1. What you’re reading now is a 2nd-level nested comment. Business Identity supports up to 10 levels of comment nesting, which means that not only will your website be suitable for all of your professional and small business needs, but it will also be great for blog posts and discussions around them.

  2. WordPress comments also support media embeds, like images. Here’s an example of what it would look like if a comment author submitted a comment containing media. And remember, you can always edit a comment before it appears on your professional website.

    1. 2nd-level comment.

      (Make sure to resize your browser and to visit this page from your smartphone or tablet to see how well Business Identity handles comments on small screens.)

  3. We hope that this comment demonstration has been helpful in showing you how well the Business Identity WordPress theme can be used for engaging discussion with your customers and website visitors. While the theme truly shines in helping you build an information-rich website, it’s also been designed to make sure that you’re able to use it as a blog when the need arises.

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