The features and services section of your front page is controlled by a normal page, and we’ve detailed how to set it up on the front page template documentation page. This page includes a few more useful details on getting the most out of this section. We’ve also set up a separate support page about grids that will teach you how to set up a grid on your front page features and services section.

Front Page Features Section

When a user clicks on the View All Features button in this section, he will be taken to the page that you have selected in your site customizer as the features and services page.

All of the features and services content shown on the front page of the site will also be shown when users click through to the individual page, but you have the option of stripping this by taking advantage of WordPress’ More Tag. This page that you’re reading now is a perfect example of this.

The top half of the page is what’s shown on the front page.

Features and Services

While the bottom half of the page, which comes after the More Tag, is what’s shown on the page that you’re reading right now.

Features and Service

We’ve coded the theme in this way so that when users click over to the features and services page they aren’t shown redundant content that they’ve already seen. This will also give you maximum flexibility with how you present your services to potential customers.