The purpose of this page—and all pages throughout this demo site—is to both show off what your business will be able to accomplish using Business Identity and to educate you on how best to utilize the theme.

Build Your Home Page

Without a doubt, our favorite part of Business Identity—and the thing we hope you’ll love most—is its home page. We’ve built it to be fully responsive and beautiful on all of your devices, and made sure to address a lot of your business needs when crafting a home page for your website. See the home page documentation.

Featured Images

Business Identity supports featured images on both posts and pages. You will find images demonstrating what you can expect them to like throughout your website, as well as notes on how to implement them in your website, on the documentation page for featured images.

Custom Colors

By default Business Identity is displayed with a purple color palette that’s both professional and beautiful. You can also purchase the Custom Design upgrade to use your own custom color palettes and custom background images from COLOURlovers.


Three widgets areas are supported in Business Identity: Primary SidebarWebsite Footer, and Front Page. See the documentation page for widgets to learn more about how to use them throughout your website.


Testimonials are a great way to show the community and customer support around your product. Business Identity supports customer testimonials, which are very easy to set up. We’ve created a dedicated support page for Testimonials that you can read to get up and running with them.


We’ve taken care with mobile, tablet, and desktop devices to ensure a pleasant image viewing experience for all of your visitors, regardless from where they came. The purpose of this series of pages is to demonstrate how well the Business Identity theme displays images across a variety of devices.

Social Icons

Genericons are used with the theme for social icons. Read the documentation to learn how to use them in your posts, pages, and widgets.

Common Page Elements

Take a look at the Common Page Elements page to get an idea about what your website will look like out-of-the-box using Business Identity. All the things that you’re already used to—paragraphs, lists, page headings, and such—are covered here; we’ve also gone over some of the more advanced page elements that a web designer or web developer might find useful.

Page Templates

Page templates give you greater flexibility over the display of your website content. Business Identity currently offers several templates to get you up and running with a new business website quickly: the front page templatefull-width page template, and alternate sidebar page template.


Readability refers to the ease with which your website visitors are able to read text on your website. We’ve prepared an excerpt on the readability page that shows how easy it is for your website visitors and potential customers to read long-form text.

Business Identity in Your Language

Business Identity, like WordPress, uses English by default. If you would like to use Business Identity in your language, then head over to the Business Identity translations page and help translate the theme into your language.


Navigational breadcrumbs are visible on all pages of this website except the home page; when you purchase and use Business Identity, the same will apply to your website. This is to assist your website visitors in understanding where they are on your website, especially on mobile devices and tablets where address bars and menus are not as visible as they would otherwise be on desktop displays.